CH Cookbook

Are you interested in making an online cookbook. Here you will find all necessary information to make it.


The online cookbook will be developed, it could be based on the collected recipes during the interviews. Ink to “how to make interviews. As a teacher/educator, you can use the evaluation questions for your students.

Please follow the described steps.


  1. Online cookbook with recipes according to the recipe format to be uploaded at the website.
  2.  Pdf-form of the cookbook which can be printed when needed.
  3. Evaluation of the cookbook


The cookbook should contain at least the following content:

  • The cookbook to be developed has to meet the requirements are described in the “Culinary Heritage Cookbook guide”.
  •  Please read the resources below.
  • Please use the Check and Learn tool.
  • Please follow the instructions about the development of an Online Cookbook.

Please follow these steps



Resource needed

Step 1

Study the Culinary Heritage Cookbook Guide and discuss it with the members of your workgroup.

Culinary Heritage Cookbook Guide

Step 2

Write down the collected recipes (at least 5) with storytelling included into the recipe template in English.

Template for recipe

Step 3

Organise a meeting to adapt the recipes based on healthy nutrition values and sustainable food issues.

Check and Learn Tool

Step 4

Write down the renewed recipes (at least 5) into the recipe template in English.

Template for recipe

Step 5

Design of the online cookbook

See Guide Developing an Online Cookbook

Step 6

Present and evaluate the draft of the cookbook with the elderly.

Evaluation questions cookbook

Step 7

Finalize the cookbook

Step 8

Evaluate the online cookbook 

Evaluation question online cookbook

Step 9

Delivery of the online regional cookbook to all participants.

Step 10

Communication and marketing of the regional cookbook


Culinary Heritage Cookbook Guide

Some learning material about creating a Culinary Heritage Cookbook.

Template Online Cookbok/recipe

A template for your cookbook and recipes

Check and Learn tool

A simple online tool that will help you to check if you thought about the right issues concerning the renewal of the recipes.

Developing an online cookbook

Some tips how to use CANVA or another tool develop an online Cookbook


Some questions to be used to evaluate the online cookbook.

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