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The intergenerational cooking event will be organised by students (with their teachers) in cooperation with elderly people, supported by the staff in the elderly home. In order to prepare, carry out and evaluate the intergenerational cooking event well and with pleasure, the following describes and explains the necessary tools. 


  1. The intergenerational cooking event organised by students (with their teachers) in cooperation with elderly people, supported by the staff in the elderly home. 


The cooking event has to meet the following requirements:

  • Use some of the recipes of the developed cookbook during the event.
  • A clear invitation and program conform YMOCH branding.
  • Per partner country: students, elderly people, staff and guests participating in the event.
  • A short report with text and images after the event for dissemination. 





Step 1

Study the detailed roadmap of a cooking event

Detailed Roadmap of a Cooking event.

Step 2

Preparing the invitation of the cooking event by planning the date, the number of participants, location and invitation content en design. Spreading the invitation through mailings and other media.


Step 3

Preparing the program of the event by choosing the recipes to be used in cooperation between youngsters, elderly and staff.  Decide how the recipes will be cooked together with youngsters, elderly and staff. They should all participate the activities. 

Step 4

Preparing the event by making a script of the event and a list of the necessary ingredients, equipment and other materials needed. Also make a financial planning. Collect all the ingredients, equipment and materials.

Step 5

The cooking event itself. Make sure all healthy and safety requirements are met. Record the meeting with photo’s, video and or podcasts. 

Guide How to communicatie with elderly people

Guide for making video and subtitling

Guide for making podcast

Step 6

Evaluate the interviews.

Evaluation questions Cooking event


Detailed Roadmap of a Cooking event

Some instructions and tips about organising a cooking event with youngsters and elderly people.

Guide How to communicate with elderly people

Some instructions and tips how to make a good interview.

Guide for making video and subtitling

Instruction how to record the interviews with your mobile phone as video.

Guide for making a podcast

A short guide how to make podcasts

Evaluation Cooking event

Some example questions to evaluate the Cooking event

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