CH Educational Instructions


The Educational methodology developed in YMOCH is based on 4 different assignments. After finalizing all the assignments the students have developed a cookbook and have organised a cooking event with elderly people.

The assignments can be found below. Linked to the different assignments students, staff and teachers have access to different kinds of supporting materials which helps them to accomplish the tasks.

There is also a Pedagogical guide for educators for the general preparation of a YMOCH Cooking project with students and elderly people.  

Have fun and enjoy!


Pedagogical guide for educators

Are you an educator and thinking about a cooking project with students? This guide give you some general background information.


Web App guide

How to make a Web App on your phone of the YMOCH website and CH Educational Methodology.

Assignment 1

CH Interviews

Collecting recipes through interviews

Assignment 2

CH Cookbook

Developing a Cookbook with renewed recipes.

Assignment 3

CH Goose game

Developing and playing a Goose Game.

Assignment 4

CH Cooking event

Organising a Cooking event.

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