CH Goose Game

Here you can learn how to make your own version of a Culinary Heritage Goose Game. 


The Goose game can be played online or can be used as a pdf-form of the Goose game which can be printed as board game. As a teacher/educator, you can use the evaluation questions for your students. As a teacher/educator, you can use the evaluation questions for your students.


  1. Goose game which can be played online.
  2. Pdf-form of the Goose game which can be printed as board game when needed.
  3. Evaluation of Goose game after playing it with elderly people.


The Goose game should be developed in your own language. Please follow the instructions are described in the resources below.

The Goose game contains at least the following content:

  • Colophon with the name and logo of the partner and names of the developers of the Goose game at the backside of the game,
  • New regional food background,
  • Tiles filled with regional Culinary Heritage content,
  • Rewritten questions the students want to discuss with elderly people.

Please follow these steps



Resource needed

Step 1

Study the text The game of Goose

The Game of Goose

Step 2

Download the PowerPoint ‘Format CH Goose Game ENG’. This format is an example in the English language and filled with Dutch Culinary Heritage content.
This example can be changed easily into your own language.

Format CH Goose game ENG

Step 3

Try the game with your fellow students to get experience with it. You can use a tablet to present the board as an online board or as printed version. It is prepared to be printed at A3 size.

Step 4

Discuss with your fellow students some ideas on how to fill the game with your own culinary heritage content. What kind of dishes or ingredients should be presented at the board. What is your alternative for the pizza tiles? What kind of questions do you like to ask elderly people. Be inspired by the collected recipes during the interviews.

And: Do you want to use Geese-figures to walk on the board or maybe something else? Be creative: There are a lot of possibilities.

Step 5

Search for pictures of the food you want to present on the board and change them in the right format.

  • Download the pictures. JPG format works well.
  • Change the size into a square. In Microsoft windows a standard simple image tool is opened when you double click an image file. This tool has all the functionality you need.
  • Change the size in for example 250 by 250 pixels. That is big enough.


If you use too large files, the PowerPoint will be very big and more difficult to handle.

          Don’t forget the owner rights of pictures!

Step 6

Open the PowerPoint ‘Format CH Goose game ENG’. Save it and give it a unique name.

  • Right click on a tile with a food picture in it. Select ‘format image’. A menu will appear. Choose and the option to image or bitmap fill. You can choose the image and upload it from your drive.
  • Change all the images with your images.


Don’t forget to save the file.

Step 7

Define your questions and put them on the second/third slide of the PowerPoint.

Step 8

Do you also want to change the background image? Be my guest. This will make your game unique!

Click the right button of your mouse on the background and choose Format background. You can change the background with you own image.

Step 9

Try the game with you fellow students and evaluate it. Make some changes when needed.

Step 10

Prepare the final version of the game (online on a tablet or printed) and play it with elderly people.
If you prepare a printed version, you can cut out the cards on the second slide.
Maybe you have the possibility to plasticize the printed version or paste the print on some cardboard to make it look even more professional.

Evaluation Goose game questions


The Game of Goose

Some background information about the Game of Goose.

Format Goose Game

This is the format for the Goose Game.

Evaluation questionaire

Online questions for the evaluation of your Game of Goose.

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