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Interviews will be made by students (with help of their teachers) with elderly people to collect old recipes. In order to conduct these interviews well and with pleasure, the following describes and explains the necessary tools. Interviews can be recorded with video or through podcasts.


  1. Interviews report with elderly people through podcast (audio) or  video.
  2. Collection of 5 old recipes.


The interviews have to meet the following requirements:

  • Per partner country: 24 students will interview 12 elderly people.
  • At least 5 old recipes with storytelling included are collected and described according to he recipe format.
  • The interviews are recorded through mobile phones as podcast (audio) or video. Videos might be edited and subtitled.




Resource needed

Step 1

Read the information about Culinary Heritage in the different partners countries. Focus especially on the Culinary Heritage issues of your own country.

Manual about Culinary Heritage issues

Step 2

Prepare the interviews by reading the guides about making interviews, communication with elderly people and recording the interviews through video or as podcast. Discuss the content of these guides within your workgroup and make sure that you have prepared everything to start with the interviews.

Guide How to make an interview.

Guide How to communicate with elderly people.

Guide for making video and subtitles.

Guide for making podcasts.

Step 2

Make appointments for the interviews and interview the elderly people. Mak sure you make the recordings as you have decided earlier.

Step 3

Check the recordings and edit them when necessary. 

Step 4

Evaluate the interviews.

Evaluation questions interviews


Manual about Culinary Heritage Issues

Background information about Culinary Heritage in Bulgaria, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic.

Guide How to communicate with Elderly people

Some instructions and tips how to make a good interview.

Guide for making interviews

Some instructions and tips how to make a good interview.

Guide for making video and subtitling

Instruction how to record the interviews with your mobile phone as video.

Guide for making a podcast

A short guide how to make podcasts

Evaluation interview

Some example questions to evaluate the interviews

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