The final meeting of the Erasmus+ project “YMOCH – Young Meets Old Culinary Heritage” took place at the Freiberg-Zug technical college center.

Together with students from the Freiberg-Zug technical college and the Czech technical college, dishes from the partner countries were prepared using traditional and modernized recipes. The recipes were modernized by reducing fat, sugar and salt, replacing animal products with plant-based ones and using pseudo-cereals instead of wheat and spelt. As a result, people with different food intolerances and eating styles can now also enjoy the traditional dishes. During the joint tasting, the revised recipes surprised with new and unexpected taste sensations.

All Erasmus+ projects also focus on getting to know the European countries. The joint excursion to Dresden with a guided tour of the city provided a brief insight into the history of the country and rounded off the days in Freiberg Saxony.

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