Fachschule Mistelbach in Austria

Embedded in fields and fruit trees, bordering on the Obst-Hügel-Land nature park, the historic building promises a varied school and boarding school life as well as a future-oriented education.

The school impresses visitors and students with its appealing ambience and pleasant atmosphere.

With a great deal of commitment, the teachers maintain close contact with care and support facilities in order to lay the foundation for optimal learning success for the students.

The school is a “school of life”. Personality development, the development of creativity and the communication of values ​​in relation to nature and people are particularly important to us. Basic agricultural skills, skills in operational and household management, in corporate management and in social and personal areas are taught.

With this pedagogical concept, we meet Albert Einstein’s requirement: “The school should always strive to ensure that the young person leaves as a harmonious personality, not as a specialist.”

Above all, entrepreneurial and social skills are required for the diverse tasks in future professional life. Learning by doing is the focus.

Educational programs: health and social profession

Link to website: https://www.lwbfs-mistelbach.ac.at/erasmus

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