The Reformed Women’s Association welcomed a delegation of students and teachers from Székacs, who had the opportunity to spend a very pleasant afternoon with the members of the women’s association.

Once again, we followed traditional Hungarian dishes. Our students prepared a report with the participants, who, representing the older but eternally young generation, spoke authentically and enthusiastically about, for example, paprika potatoes, Hortobágy meat pancakes, or the popular stuffed cabbage and Gundel pancakes. Thanks to Mile Ibolya and Gézáné Széplaky, we were able to taste the latter.

Csőröge doughnuts, apple pie and homemade pretzels were also on the table, the rich hospitality was a real surprise.

We were also able to gather excellent ideas on how to prepare well-thought-out, reformed, healthier versions of certain traditional dishes, or even ones that can be eaten by people with food allergies.

The aim of the international project with the participation of 6 countries is for the generations to meet and learn from each other, and a meal together is always an excellent opportunity for this. We started the afternoon with fasting devotions and singing together, then ended with fun board games on a gastronomic theme, led by teacher and project coordinator Ildikó Trecskó.

Next time we’ll continue cooking together, we’re getting ready!

We would like to thank pastor Edit Szabóné Csökmei and all the members for their help and touching hospitality!

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