Learning Scenario


In this workpackage about Learning Scenario all relevant materials that are necessary for the practical work with care takers and students are collected, analyzed and reported.You will find the results at this page. The results can all be downloaded freely for your own use. 

It gives the partners and visitor of this website insight into the Elderly care systems in Hungary, Bulgaria, Ireland, Germany, Austria and The Netherlands. The Culinary Heritage content ad activities in these EU countries and all kinds of instructions for the activities students and care takers will work on during the next steps of the project. 

Activity 01

Baseline survey Elderly care

During this activity we did a baseline survey  about the different elderly care systems in the partner countries. The report with the final results can be downloaden.  

Activity 02

Culinary Heritage Content

Culinary Heritage is not a new topic and there are already al kinds of materials available in the different partner countries of the project. These resources are collected in a report and can be downloaded. 

Activity 03

Guide interview, podcast and video

During the project students in Hungary, Bulgaria, Ireland, Germany Austria and The Netherlands will collect  traditional recipes through interviews  with elderly people. The interview will be recorded and published through podcasts and video. Here are some instructions to prepare for his task

Activity 04

Cookbook format

Coming soon

Activity 05

Roadmap Cooking event

Coming soon

Activity 06

Modernizing recipe

Coming soon

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