VET-students have improved social and digital skills and have more respect for the older generation.


Older generation has improved digital skills and their social contacts.

Our Mission

We believe in the positive impact of interaction between youngsters and seniors about food and culinary traditions.

Through this communication intergenerational and digital skills can gradually be improved while having a lot of fun together.

In this project we develop handy online materials and tools for culinary events in which youngsters and seniors work together. 

Our results

Tip: we suggest to use Microsoft Edge to open and view our results in pdf, word and Powerpoint format.

CH Cooking Events

Reports expected in May2024

CH Online Cookbook

Regulary updated with new recipes!

Our partners

D-r Vasil Beron

VET-school - Bulgaria


NGO - The Netherlands

Cork Education and Training Board

VET Education Provider - Ireland

Fachschulzentrum Freiburg-Zug

VET/Technical School - Germany

Skekacs Elemer

Secundary school - Hungary

Fachschule Mistelbach

VET School - Austria

GSOS Podborany

VET School - Czech Republic

Our associated partners

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