Do you think that contacts between generations should be better? 
Do you think that cooking together and digital activities can help? 
Then you are here on the right place.

Our Mission

– We believe in the positive impact of interaction between youngsters and elderly people about food and culinary traditions.

– Through this communication intergenerational and digital skills can gradually be improved while having a lot of fun together.

– In this project we have developed handy online educational materials and tools for culinary events in which youngsters and elderly people work together. 

Our results

Tip: we suggest to use Microsoft Edge to open and view our results in pdf, word and Powerpoint format.

Our partners

D-r Vasil Beron

VET-school - Bulgaria


NGO - The Netherlands

Cork Education and Training Board

VET Education Provider - Ireland

Fachschulzentrum Freiburg-Zug

VET/Technical School - Germany

Skekacs Elemer

Secundary school - Hungary

Fachschule Mistelbach

VET School - Austria

GSOS Podborany

VET School - Czech Republic

Our associated partners

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