Contacts between the old and young generations have changed and are sporadic. Older people miss digital competences
and feel not included in society.

Improve intergenerational and digital skills from the VET-students and their teachers as well as from older people.
Improve digital possibilities for communication between VET students and older people, to improve their digital readiness
and inclusion.


Workpackage 1  Project management

Workpackage 2 develops, identifies or reworks learning materials and methods for the learning scenario “Culinary Heritage” 

Workpackage 3 develops digital educational tools, such as video editing, podcasts, formats for online cookbooks and online Goose-play. 

Workpackage 4 brings together materials from WP 2 and WP 3. Tools will be implemented, leading to interviews, making and playing Goose plays and cookbooks and finally to the intergenerational cooking event. 


Learning scenario “Culinary Heritage” is available, including all digital tools, and placed on the project’s website. – VET students and their teachers have produced: * edited videos and podcasts with older people, * reworked regional recipes for making an online cookbook, * an online Goose play, tried out with older people, * an intergenerational cooking event. 

Photos on this page: Copyright Hilda Weges / INTREEGUE Photography

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