Székács Secondary School Törökszentmiklós, Hungary

Our school is located in Törökszentmiklós, which is a small town and it is 120 kms from Budapest, the capital city. Around the school building there is a large beautiful green area, the school garden which makes the students’ stay  more pleasant.

We have been  governed by the Reformed Church since 1 September 2021 and are a part of the Reformed Educational Centre called TROK including a nursery, a primary school and a secondary school. About 340 students attend the school and there are 32 teachers.  Our training is quite comprehensive as we have vocational, grammar school and technician classes as well. Some students, more than 70, are accomodated in the dormitory. As the Reformed Church runs an Old People’s Home, we are in contact with the institution.

Székács Secondary School is mainly specialized in agriculture and food processing but our latest line is sport.  The school has a wide range of professions  to offer– mainly in the profile for agriculture and food processing: farmer, agricultural technician,  baker/confectioner and coach.

We are engaged with gastronomy since we have a bakery where students make delicious breads, bakery products and cakes.

We also own a school farm with land for crops and keep domestic animals such as chickens, sheep and cows. Teachers are dedicated, open minded and welcome innovations and sustainability.

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