One of the associated partners from Blankcon in our YMOCH project is SGB. That stands for Scholen Gemeenschap Bonaire. This school for pre-VET and VET is located in Kralendijk on the Caribbean island of Bonaire. Officially, Bonaire has the status of a Dutch municipality.

Since we had a partner on this island in a previous project BioComp, we had the plan to visit the Algae Park on Bonaire. It was a good opportunity to combine this with a visit to SGB. We met the director, Mr Eric Bouman, and we presented the YMOCH project in more detail. He was very enthusiastic. He told us that his school has a garden for vegetables and a well-equipped kitchen. SGB has also contacts with some elderly people who are in a socially deprived situation.

After our visit, we exchanged some ideas. It has resulted in the appointment that SGB will participate in the project, as much as possible. They will use the products, collect old recipes, make video recordings, use the online cookbook and finally will organise their own cooking event, early next year. This all fits in their school program. The only problem is the distance. It is not so easy to let SGB participate in our TPMs. But maybe we can organise an online connection with them.

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